The Mist (2007)


Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Cast: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden

Synopsis: After a huge storm, a New England town is shrouded in a strange mist which contains all kinds of fucked up monsters. A bunch of the townsfolk are trapped in a supermarket and must survive attacks from the monsters and each other.

Hello everyone! T’is the night before Halloween and that means it’s time for my second special Halloween-themed posting. Tonight I’m going to write about a film from a completely different subgenre to yesterday’s films. For tonight’s post I will be discussing the apocalyptic-sci-fi-horror film The Mist which, like a lot of great horror, was originally created in the brilliant, albeit twisted, mind of Stephen King. No Halloween is complete without a little bit of Stephen King.

I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of the “apocalypse” subgenre (unless the movie contains zombies but that should really come under the “zombie movie” category). I’m not sure why I’ve never really liked apocalypse films. Maybe it’s because I find them a little too “thought out.” In my opinion, horror movies should be kept as simple as possible. If you overthink the dramatic aspects of a horror film, the horror side of the film becomes stale and dull. It’s great to have character development, don’t get me wrong, but you have to find the right balance and in apocalypse films I find that too much time is spent analysing the characters feelings instead of creating a tense and chilling atmosphere.

Fortunately, The Mist doesn’t suffer from this problem because the film is as much about the evil inside people as it is about mist-dwelling monsters ruining the Saturday morning shopping run. By intertwining the character drama with the horror, the film is able to overcome the common pitfalls associated with apocalypse-themed horror films.

Speaking of the characters, there are some great ones. I think a particularly strong shout-out should go to Marcia Gay Harden who plays the crazy religious nut. There’s something so detestable in the way her character manipulates the fear around her to suit her own insane beliefs and Harden brings a terrifying zeal to the role. It’s no wonder that lady has an Oscar. Another awesome character is the pea-can throwing lady who tears shit up with her home-made flamethrower. Old lady is pyromaniac supa powa fierce!

The movie’s not without its faults though. One problem is that, as a movie, it drags on too long. Horror movies don’t need to be that long. Short, sharp and scary are the key words here. If you’re going to make a detailed horror production, it’s probably best to break it up into 45 minute bites so the audience can retain the character development and plot progression and still get scared shitless. I think The Mist would have worked even better as a mini-series.

In brief, The Mist is a pretty good film to watch whether or not you’re into the apocalypse subgenre of horror. It might not be as jumpy or as terrifying as some other horror films out there but it strikes a good balance between thrills and story. I’d recommend this for Halloween viewing if you like a good story to sink your teeth into.


  • There was quite a lot of biblical imagery in this film which was fun to spot.
  • The epic Drew Struzan posters.
  • “I got lots of peas!” Bravo!


  • The dialogue can be a bit ham-fisted at times. For instance, when they’re talking about euthanasia this gem comes up: “We’re not there yet.” TOPICAL ISSUES ALERT!
  • Too long.
  • The graphics are really poor at times.


The Mist is a fun little horror film that should definitely be on peoples’ radars. Although it doesn’t have as much impact as The Exorcist or The Thing, for example, it certainly delivers what it promises. As the movie’s quite long, indica strains would probably be more advisable but if you do prefer sativas then it’s really no burden because there’s enough to keep you visually stimulated.




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2 responses to “The Mist (2007)

  1. Great review! This is one of my favourite horror from the last 10 years or so. Loved/hated the ending haha!

  2. Loved The Mist! So underrated (I think? I never really hear anyone mention it, anyway). Gotta love a brave ending!

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