Rock-A-Doodle (1991)

Genre: Kids, Animation

Cast: Christopher Plummer, Sandy Duncan, Ellen Greene

Synopsis: Chanticleer, an Elvis-like rooster, gets shunned from the farm after the other animals find out he doesn’t really bring the sun up with his crowing. He then travels to the city and becomes a superstar whilst the farm animals get terrorized by a bunch of magical owls…I swear this is the actual plot. I was not tripping balls.

I remember one day when I was eating dinner with my friends at university and we began to discuss which movies we had watched as kids. They all mentioned the usual Disney films and, when it was my turn to offer something, I mentioned that I had watched this movie a lot when I was younger. I explained the plot to them and then sat there in confusion as they began to accuse me of making up a film that couldn’t possibly exist because it sounded too weird. Last night, I finally managed to get the internet sorted for my new apartment. First priority: watch a movie. I decided to expose my friend and roommate to the wonders of this film which is conveniently available on Netflix…at least to prove that I wasn’t crazy.

There is a lot about this movie to love. First and foremost, its weirdness. I mean, the central villains of this movie are a group of (totally gay) magical owls who like to play the organ and sing in a chorus. The leader is a fat one called the Grand Duke of owls. That’s totally brilliant! Who wouldn’t like that? The film also has this cool and understated retro feel to it and the musical numbers are annoyingly catchy. The guy who does the voice of Mandark in Dexter’s Laboratory also plays a role. Basically, I was swimming in the glory of childhood nostalgia which is exactly what I needed at the time. I’ve had a very busy week in which I flew to three different countries and my body was screaming with exhaustion. I needed to watch something that would remind me of the carefree days of my youth when I did fuck all and my biggest concern was learning to tie my shoelaces. In a way, this movie allowed me to reach out and grab those memories.

Looking at it now, the experience was strangely cathartic. There I was, huddled under a blanket with one of my closest friends in our new apartment, my laundry drying on a nearby radiator because we don’t have a dryer, watching a film from my childhood. I felt good for what felt like the first time in ages. I guess it’s the moments like these that you really treasure. When you grow up and leave all this stuff behind it’s these memories which you keep close. One day, when I’m successful and have my own house which will be tastefully decorate, I’ll probably tell my kids about this apartment and how much of a great time I had living here with my friends…even if the toilet did spew sewage one time and even if the only way for me to dry my underwear was to place is casually on a living room radiator for everyone to see.

I realize now that I haven’t talked much about the film but what else is there to say? It has magical gay owls in in for Christ’s sake!


  • Magical gay owls…nuff said.
  • Nostalgia overload.
  • There are some really cool space shots and it’s like science but the bad kind of science…you know…like magic?


  • The special effects at the end are kind of bad. It’s no Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Oh shit, real people! AND THEY’RE CHRISTIANS!!!


I had a lovely time watching this film. I can’t say for sure if it was the weed, the movie, or just the state of mind I was in or a combination of all of the above but whatever it was, I needed it. I advise people to watch this movie but also to watch some of their most beloved childhood films from time to time. It’s good therapy.



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