Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Mira Sorvino, Janeane Garofalo

Synopsis: Two unsuccessful women return home for their ten year high school reunion and falsify their accomplishments to impress everyone back home.

This is the ultimate feel good movie. I think I first saw Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion when I was about 15 and it’s always a go to movie for me when I need to laugh. This week has been very busy for me because I moved into my new apartment. After all that was done and dusted, I just wanted to sit down and watch something that would lift my spirits. I thought that this movie would be a great choice and I was right. I loaded my vaporizer (love it!) and got cracking. Just out of interest, I have a new smoke spot at my new place and it’s great. It’s down this old Victorian red-brick alley in east London. One of the buildings is an art gallery and they have a light installation which is bunch of UV lights hooked up over the alley that change color when you walk by. It’s so pretty and made me fall in love with my new place a little bit more and put me in a good mood coming into this movie.

There’s something delightfully kitsch about 90s LA and right off the bat we’re thrown into that scene with No Doubt’s ‘I’m Just a Girl’ as the camera swoops into a beautiful Venice Beach apartment. In real life, that apartment would be worth millions. We’re then introduced to Romy and Michele who are watching Pretty Woman in bed and making fun of it. This instantly reminded me of my brother because that’s what we do: we get stoned, eat shit loads of snacks, and watch movies and take the piss out of them. I think this is what makes me like both Romy and Michele so much: I can identify with them. Although I have a better job than either of them, I’m not making that much and I can understand what it’s like to struggle to get by. This means that I really feel sorry for them when it all goes pear-shaped. The prom scene was absolutely heartbreaking and the best use of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’ ever. They’re the ultimate underdogs and you end up rooting for them.

The odd thing I found about this movie is that, when I was high, I saw a lot more drama to the film than I did when I was sober. The scenes where Romy and Michelle get humiliated are awful and awkward and the film does show the difficulties of being young and broke in a big city. Although I’ve never had to interview to work at some grungy outlet store in the hood, I’ve been in equally dire situations. I think if anyone is in a similar position this is a movie that could really provide a level of hope and inspiration. If not then it will at least make you laugh.

The comedy is well timed and expertly executed, particularly from Kudrow and Garofalo, who plays a bitter business woman who hates virtually everyone. There are so many great quotes which me and my friends use in real life, “I’M THE MARY!” clearly being the favorite. I watched this movie with a smile on my face the whole time and I’m sure that you will too.


  • Heather Mooney…“OK TOBY, FUCK OFF!”
  • The car stalling scene is great. Footloose!
  • The dance scene at the end of the movie is just magical.
  • Great soundtrack that’ll make you want to sing along.


  • You can really see how much makeup is used to try and make Kudrow and Sorvino look younger.


My advice to you would be this: watch this movie with your best movie-watching buddy. It’s ultimately a movie about soul-mates and if you’ve been lucky enough to find yours then you’ll appreciate this movie even more. If you watch this after smoking something that’s going to make you giggly, even better! This is a film that should definitely be in the DVD collection and saved for a rainy day.




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4 responses to “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (1997)

  1. Amen to this being one of the best movies to watch with your best movie-watching buddy

  2. I remember the commercial for this movie and just hoping I would never have to see this film-so far so good.

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