The Fall (2006)

Genre: Drama

Cast: Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru, Justine Waddell

Synopsis: An injured stuntman in hospital tells stories to a young girl so he can use her as his drug mule.

When I saw the trailer for The Fall a couple of years ago I decided to put it on my ‘must watch.’ It looked like it would be a beautiful and emotional drama that I could really sink my teeth into so I waited until the right moment to see it. I finally managed to get around to watching it but, now that I have, part of me wishes that I hadn’t.

The problem with this film is that the story is split into two, both sides of which lack cohesion. Instead of watching one film with two very different but excellent storylines that mesh perfectly (like in Pan’s Labyrinth) you actually end up watching two separate films which are both rather mediocre. You never stay with one storyline long enough to develop an emotional attachment with its characters by the end of the movie I really didn’t care what happened. The real world story was predictable and sappy at times and nothing that exciting ever really happened. The fantasy storyline had potential but it was unfulfilled. Too many aspects in the fantasy storyline changed and it became harder and harder to remain invested.

The film is beautiful. I will give it that much. The scenery was inspiring and the color was incredibly vivid which was heightened due to my intoxication. The cinematography was impeccable and at times it felt as though I was looking at a photography exhibition as opposed to a film. The costume design was also one of the film’s strengths. However, if you can’t marry that beauty of the images with an engaging story then what’s the point? I left this film without taking anything with me and I didn’t feel better for having watched it. Ultimately I probably would have been more satisfied if I just looked at a National Geographic magazine or wildlife photography book.


  • Beautiful costumes, scenery, and cinematography.


  • Felt too schizophrenic and lacked cohesion.
  • Dull plot.
  • None of the characters were likeable, even the little girl.


Give this one a miss. The only situation in which this film might be worth a look in is if you want to see how artistic cinematography is executed correctly.




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3 responses to “The Fall (2006)

  1. davecrewe

    I haven’t seen this for a couple years, but I remember enjoying it (mostly for how pretty it was). The fantasy story lacking coherency was kind of the point, right? The story changed to reflect the whims of the little girl and the experiences of the guy telling it.

    • I agree, the lack of consistency was intentional. I personally think it didn’t work though because it fractured the movie. That’s just my two cents though. I’m glad that you liked it.

      • I felt the same way. If the “fractured” style was intentional, I don’t see how you can find fault with the entire concept? Though I will agree the beauty of the film was the most stand-out thing about it.

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