Smiley Face (2007)

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Anna Faris, Adam Brody, Jane Lynch

Synopsis: After consuming an insane amount of magic cupcakes, Anna Faris must get her act together and complete a series of tasks…most/all of these tasks end in disaster.

To be quite honest, I’m not one for stoner comedies. When I watch them I find that the jokes are kind of obvious and it makes it hard to invest in the characters and storyline which are not challenging in the slightest. As such, I was hesitant to watch Smiley Face but then I remembered that there are actually a few movies that starred Anna Faris which are pretty good (Lost in Translation, Scary Movie and, to a lesser extent, Scary Movie 2) so I decided to try and find a copy online. It took a while because I kept coming across that AWFUL horror movie where the psycho has a weird smiley face. Fortunately I was finally able to find a copy on youtube.

First off, let’s be candid, you have to be really baked to enjoy this movie. I mean like at least an [8]. I imagine this movie wouldn’t be half as funny if you weren’t. To indicate how high you have to be when you watch this movie, during the opening scene I was laughing at Anna Faris’ face for about 5 minutes solid. I don’t know why, but her face was just very funny at the time. Overall, Faris is very likeable as a bumbling pot-head who seems to attract disaster wherever she goes and she has some cracking moments in the film. Whether it’s making cannabutter, stealing a copy of the Communist Manifesto, or flushing an ounce of ‘Government Marijuana’ down the crapper, Faris convincingly fits the role by bringing a clumsy charm whilst displaying a mélange of comedic facial expressions. Faris is backed up by quite a diverse range of supporting actors (Adam Brody, Jane Lynch, John Krasinski, Danny Masterson, and John Cho) and, although some of them aren’t as convincing as Faris, they certainly add to the fun of the movie.

This film does have its problems. For starters, the movie toys with your emotions and keeps you on edge CONSTANTLY which is quite tiring on the nerves. Plus it will make you paranoid as hell if you ever go outside after smoking. Moreover, there are times when the humor makes you cringe so hard because what’s occurring on screen is so awkward. It’s quite a tailored form of comedy that I don’t think is easily accessible to all audiences. You just have to make sure that you’re in the right mindset for this movie. If you have some magic cupcakes though then it shouldn’t be too hard.


  • The cannabutter scene is hysterical…it will make you weep though to see that much weed go to waste. Same with the toilet scene.
  • The LA public transport bit. Having lived in LA and having used the bus system regularly (I don’t have a car) I can say that it’s not THAT bad…but at times you do get some crazy characters. I once saw a woman screaming at a 6 year old, demanding to know why he was lying to her and what he would do when he wakes up in a dumpster with his throat cut. Keep it classy LA.
  • Those cakes looked hella good.


  • I will never go outside high again.
  • I thought John Krasinski was pretty cute right up until the shower masturbation scene.
  • The ending was quite a surprise but not the good kind.


If you’re into stoner comedies then this is a great choice and even if you’re not into stoner comedies then this is still a good choice. However, you really have to be into weed to enjoy this movie but I guess that should be expected with this blog. This movie will compliment all kinds of strains and is ideal for viewings with friends. Just be sure that you learn from Anna Faris’ mistakes!



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