Welcome to my blog!!!

If you’re here then that means two things: 1) you love movies and/or 2) you’re partial to puffing the magic dragon. I decided to create this blog because I love both and because I love to write….and also because unemployment is a vicious and tedious thing.

I used to have it all: nice job, beautiful apartment overlooking the Hollywood Hills, fantastic lifestyle. Then it all went to shit. My boss reneged on a promise and I was forced to quit my job and self deport. I found myself back in a country with a stagnant job market with qualifications and experience that were only marketable in the US. I applied to so many places for work and after numerous rejections it all got a bit sad: I started showing symptoms of anxiety and depression and I felt as though I were some sort of heroine in a play by Tennessee Williams. The only times when I wouldn’t focus on my terrible misfortune was when I would smoke a bowl and put a movie on. It was a much needed distraction.

Then I got a brilliant idea. What if I could create something that combined my passion for movies with my predilection for Mary Jane? Thus, bakedmoviereviews was born. The premise is simple: I take on the arduous task of getting stoned and then watching movies and writing up my opinions on them. Was the movie any good? Why? What things stood out? What crazy impressions did I have and is this a good movie for other people to watch whilst high? I score my movies out of ten just to be super convenient. It is my hope that I can create some kind of stoner’s IMDB.

My aim is to provide entertaining reviews, insight, and advice on what movies should be watched when you’re high or, if you don’t like getting high, to provide a humorous, alternative point of view on some great movies. I’d love for you guys to read my articles and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on what I should watch. I can be contacted at the following email address: bakedmoviereviews420@gmail.com.

This is dedicated to my twin brother, my friends, and fellow ents who encouraged me to pursue this. Toke up my friends. Toke up.


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